The GDR LiGA in a nutshell

The GDR LiGA is a French scientific research network which brings together about 100 researchers who study the coastal ecosystems of French Guiana, South America.

This research network was created for 4 years (2014-2017) to
foster scientific concertation and interdisciplinary programs. In 2018, it has been reconducted up to 2021.
The aim is to build a cross-disciplinary vision to set up and lead scientific programs.

Installation d'instrumentation scientifique sur une vasière, banc de Kourou © SLesourd
Set-up of scientific instrumentation on a mudflat, Kourou mudbank © SLesourd

The scientific strategy is organized in the following 6 areas of

1. Vulnerability-adaptability in the face of environmental changes: interdisciplinary approaches
Leaders: Valérie Morel (Discontinuités), Marianne Palisse (LEEISA) and Philippe Cunny (MIO).

2. Dynamics and sedimentary fluxes in coastal and estuarine environments
Leaders: Aldo Sottolicho (EPOC), Nicolas Huybrechts (CEREMA) and Sandric Lesourd (M2C)

3. Ecotoxicology and dynamic of contaminants, and risks on human health
Leaders: Damien Chevalier (IPHC) and David Amouroux (IPREM).

4. Structure and role of the biodiversity in the functionning of coastal ecosystems
Leaders: Gérard Thouzeau (LEMAR) and NiklasTysklind (ECOFOG).

5. Origin, stock and fate of coastal carbon in French Guiana
Leaders: Vincent Vantrepotte (LEEISA) and Romain Walcker (ECOLAB).

6. Ecosystem services
Leaders: Fabien Blanchard (LEEISA) and Luc Doyen (GREThA).

The LiGA research network is co-directed by:

  • Emma Michaud, ecologist/biogeochemister, CNRS at the LEMAR laboratory in Brest.